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I’m not sure where this is going, but like myself, its a work in progress, so keep coming back if you think smiling is good for you.

Motor-homers and campers are year round tourists, visiting places around Ireland, taking in the atmosphere, the experiences and we contribute to the local economy, by supporting restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, and the various sports and leisure activities offered where we stay.

We are especially conscious of the environment and support local places that take pride in their towns and villages. We actively participate by playing our part in maintaining a clean and tidy place. The only thing we leave behind is a smile and a warm “welcome back anytime” from locals.

We pay motor tax, motor insurance and sometimes feel disappointed at the “No Motorhome”, “No Camper” signs we find in areas where boats and cars  can park and enjoy the place and contribute as tourists and visitors. If you are a visitor to this website and would like to invite more tourists to your area, please let our politicians and planners know about this opportunity.  If you know of a place that allows motorhomes and campers to park up as tourists then please tell us by completing the Place Form.  If the place has water and toilets then this is an added bonus.

We are people who love to drink tea, coffee, sometimes something stronger, preferably outside, chatting with neighbours in a convivial way about everything from nature, sport and our pride and joy.